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CoRecovered Community focus on bringing together medical care, mental health care, and social services to create a whole-health plan for exactly what you need for your short term or long term issues that you are experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goals are to get you feeling healthy, happy, and whole again.

Our vision is to strengthen social cohesion in order to create a long lasting online community and promote Co-Recovery by giving an opportunity to support each other locally and internationally.

We create, manage and facilitate trusted digital space to encourage support and build long lasting community to support Survivors and their families. We also strive to aid them with mental health and medical support.

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💁  Megan Katherine "Helpful because I can see people that actually recovered instead of all the people that die on the news"

👩  Iliana Abreu "This page is absolutely great you have no idea how many people you are helping with this page its teaching us all especially for people that aren't being texted everyone is scared and looking out for these symptoms thank you you did a fabulous job helping with this page"

🦸  Zilvia Zelda "I am rateful for this group! ❤️  Is nice to know there are people out there you can listen to or talk to and who are having the same frustrating experiences during their recovery. We're together in this fight! Send lots of love, be patient everybody."



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